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Script system for advanced interactive visualizations, distributed under the MIT License. Material provided in the book is primarily made for Roassal.

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Data Visualization

Roassal is intimate with XML, CSV, JSON. Roassal will make you an empowered data cruncher to paint and paint your data structures at will.

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Software Visualization

Many software engineering tasks involves advanced visualization techniques. Roassal, when coupled with Moose, will turn you into a surgeon for software.

Book outline.

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Part 0 - Before the feast

  1. Introduction - HTML

Part I - Roassal

  1. Quick Start - HTML
  2. Pharo in a Nutshell - HTML
  3. Painting with Trachel - HTML
  4. Visualizing with Roassal - HTML
  5. Coloring - HTML
  6. Applying Layout - HTML
  7. Defining Interaction - HTML

Part II - Builders

  1. Domain-Specific Visualization Made Easy with Builders - HTML
  2. Visualizing Polymetric Graphs using Mondrian - HTML
  3. Charting, Plotting and Curving using Grapher - HTML
  4. Documenting with a Legend - HTML
  5. Visualization Composition - HTML

Part III - Applications

  1. Expressing Epidemiological Models - HTML
  2. OpenStreeMap Integration - HTML
  3. Network Latency - HTML
  4. Analyzing Software using Moose - HTML

Installing Roassal is easy. You need to install Pharo. Open the Catalog browser, and select Roassal. A video illustrating these steps is online.

Bibtex reference. Many readers are from the academic World. In case you are using Roassal for some of your work, you can find a BibTex entry online.

Videos. Many videos are available online on vimeo.

How to reach us.

Our readers have had and will have a tremendous impact on the book. We always welcome feedback and comments. Material described in the book is regularly the topic of intense discussion. You can reach us via multiple channels:

  • Email us
  • Join us in the Moose mailing list to discuss about Roassal and the Moose platform. The Pharo language has a dedicated mailing list
  • We have an active team on Discord for Roassal and Pharo users. Once logged in, join the #Roassal channel.
  • Many screenshots, tips, and experiences are shared via Twitter:
  • Intense discussion also happens on Facebook
  • We are physically based in Santiago, Chile. You can give us a ring to +56 9 913 123 81.


Thanks to all of you.

Agile Visualization is supported by open-source communites, research laboratories, and companies. Thanks to all of you! In particular, we thanks Object Profile, Lam Research, RMoD, Synectique, Commissariat à l'Énergie Atomique et aux Énergies Alternatives (CEA), Komponentenwerkstatt.

Agile Visualization is written using Pillar. Thanks Damien Cassou and Damien Pollet this wonderful framework.

We are deeply grateful to for their contributions to (no particular order) CH Huang, Chris Thorgrimsson, Tudor Gîrba, Renato Cerro, Stéphane Ducasse, Yuriy Tymchuk, Natalia Tymchuk, Juraj Kubelka, Juan Pablo Sandoval Alcocer, Milton Mamani, Vanessa Peña, Ronie Saldago, Alvaro Jose Peralta, Pablo Estefo, Igor Stasenko, Faviola Molina, Ricardo Jacas, Daniel Aviv Notario, Sergio Maass, Serge Stinckwich, Bui Thi Mai Anh, Johan Fabry, Nicolai Hess, Miguel Campusano, Peter Uhnák, Martin Dias, Jan Blizničenko, Samir Saleh, Leonel Merino, Volkert, Pierre Chanson, Andrei Chis, Thomas Brodt, Mathieu Dehouck, Miguel Campusano, Onil Goubier, Thierry Goubier, Esteban Maringolo, Alejandro Infante, Philippe Back, Stefan Reichhart, Ronie Salgado, Steffen Märcker, Offray Vladimir Luna Cárdenas, Alena Beyer, Steven Kelly.

The open-source communities behind Pharo and Moose have always been a great source of wisdom. We are happy to see Agile Visualization a result of your intense energy!

What our readers say.